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Pawel Idzikowski

Hans-Kalscheuer-Str. 45
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Tel. +49 2203 9897 2010
E-mail: info@polenter.com

Hand pushing a ball into a hole on a golf yard
Any work can be easy...

... provided the right tool

Polenter - Software Solutions
The today software is very complex and hard to use. We often waste time trying to solve a task with wrong software. A good, easy to use computer program is the key to success.
The company Polenter – Software Solutions was established in 2008 by Pawel Idzikowski, with the goal – make using office computers easier.
The goal is achieved by:
  • Deploying small software tools specialized in solving a single task, but solving it quick and as easy as possible (as a Freeware or as a Shareware)
  • Providing tipps and tricks concerning using computers in office